Move Happy Movement

Ep 83 Siri Gese CrossFit Gym Owner, MS PE Teacher, Single Supermom

February 1, 2021

Who enjoys elite fitness like CrossFit? On today's episode I interview my former colleague and CrossFit Coach! We met when I got hired as a Cross Country Coach for her Middle School students. I saw her Roost CrossFit shirt and the rest is history! We talk about being a single mom, being a role model for fitness and her philanthropic heart. She is the only friend that flew across the country and visited me from where I am from (minus some peeps that came for a conference 😆). You'll gain a TON of value and even more fun visual if you check out the YouTube Vlog episode too! Make sure to share this episode with a friend and tag us for a chance to earn a ticket to the SuperFan Concert Series! Stay all the way to the end to find out how many downloads left to go! Enjoy and don't forget to tell someone you love them today

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