Move Happy Movement

Ep 92 CJ Montano Youth Hockey Coach IT Leader

March 22, 2021
Who's Ready For This Week's Move Happy Movement Podcast© and Vlog© Guest? We met on LinkedIn when he commented on my post a few weeks back about Team Sports and Happiness. You never know what'll happen when you interact on my content! He happened to give some spectacular value including a book recommendation for all hockey youth coaches that I'd never heard of so he piqued my interest on an initial conversation. After speaking with him I knew he'd be a great fit to share his story (men, he edified his wife and family btw take note 📝 😉). Here's a little bit about CJ: Practicing and mastering the fundamentals, along with a healthy dose of curiosity and dedication has served CJ well throughout his life journey. Principles that he first learned as an athlete playing elite hockey. These principles have galvanized over the years and continue to serve CJ well as both a business leader and as a youth hockey coach. In business, CJ is the Chief Services Officer and a partner at Forte Group, where his personal mission and professional goals have merged to give him the opportunity to coach great players to come together as great teams, to achieve a higher value outcome - client success through the emergence of custom software solutions. In life, CJ feels blessed as a husband and father of three children, all of whom understand and value hard work, perseverance and a healthy amount of empathy. CJ's family is also his favorite team - he loves to practice with them daily to create better outcomes for themselves and their community. Check out the episode either audio via iTunes or Podbean or video via YouTube in comments ⬇️ PS: If you listen all the way to the end you'll hear about a fun VIP Concert Invitation for Move Happy®️ Super Fans that have been supporting the brand expansion globally 😊 PPS: Don't forget to tell someone you love them today! #podcast #podcastlife #hockey #IT #fortegroup #movehappymovementpodcast #movehappymovementvlog #movehappy #erinnicole

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